I was a house music DJ and producer, and I have been doing and loving it now since 2003.
My style and taste in house music has progressed through from funky and fresh to dirty electro and breaks.
I have always tried to put as much time and effort into my music as I possibly can and I find it very rewarding being able to express myself through my music for others to enjoy. 2007 was a great year for me and I real stepping stone into the world of being a professional DJ.

Since growing up with underground rave music back in the 90's I have always had a real passion with the dance music industry and it was only since I came to Edinburgh in 2002 that the 'house' scene really gripped me. So in that year I bought my first dj set-up 2 Numark Axis 2 CDJ's and a Numark Matrix mixer, a very basic kit but had just what I needed to start of with.

In October 2006 I entered a DJ contest with Corona as the sponsor, after fleecing the competition in both the Edinburgh heat and the Scottish finals in Glasgow, I went on to Switzerland for the world finals, there was some stiff competition from DJ's all over the world playing different styles and techniques of which I could not compete with and so resulted in not getting a place in the top 3, but I still gained in valuable experience and had an excellent time.